We are a leading European, independent producer of alloyed slabs. 

We turn production waste and metal trade scrap, alloy additives and small quantities of primary aluminium into high-quality aluminium cast blocks. Our added value comes from decades of experience in running successful plants in Germany.

Production is based on environmentally friendly recycling of aluminium scrap which makes a significant contribution to the conservation of resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.





BAGR is one of the leading independent aluminium slab producers in Europe.
The plant is an integral partner for its clients in the toll conversion of secondary aluminium into alloyed slabs for rolling mills and precision plate manufacturers.

Producing since: 1981

Location: Berlin

Capacity: 90,000 mts per annum

Stockach Aluminium is a secondary aluminium slab producer dating back to the early 1900s.

Stockach Aluminium provides toll conversion services for various scrap materials offering cost-efficient and environmentally conscious solutions.

Producing since: 1921

Location: Stockach, Southern Germany

Capacity: 50,000 mts per annum