We are a leading European, independent producer of alloyed slabs. 

We turn production waste and metal trade scrap, alloy additives and small quantities of primary aluminium into high-quality aluminium cast slabs. Our added value comes from decades of experience in running successful plants in Germany.

Production is based on environmentally friendly recycling of aluminium scrap which makes a significant contribution to the conservation of resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


























BAGR is a leading independent producer of secondary aluminium slabs and is running a state-of-the art production facility with 3 melting and 5 casting furnaces with an annual capacity of 90,000 tonnes.

The company produces high-quality cast aluminium blocks from scrap, alloy additives and small quantities of primary aluminium. Our customers are rolling mills and precision plate manufacturers who continue the secondary aluminium cycle by processing aluminium blocks into strips, sheets, plates and shaped blanks.

Producing since: 1981
Location: Berlin
Capacity: 90,000 mts per annum






Dating back to the early 1900’s, Stockach Aluminium is focused on the production of aluminium rolling slabs via a fully integrated and flexible production facility comprising different models of rotary furnace as well as reverberatory furnaces including a new 60t melting and casting furnace and its accompanying infrastructure.

The plant is capable of producing around 70,000 tonnes of high-quality aluminium rolling slabs per annum and around 5,000 tonnes of remelt-sows per year.

Producing since: 1921
Location: Stockach, Southern Germany
Capacity: 50,000 mts per annum


Bauxite, as the raw materials forming the basis for Alumina and subsequently Aluminium, is a key ingredient for multiple industries and crucial to the development of the modern world.

Metalcorp Group has therefore invested in significant bauxite resources of more than 500M mta in the Republic of Guinea, a country considered to hold the world’s largest reserves of bauxite.































Société des Bauxites de Guinée (SBG) agreed a mining convention in 2018 for bauxite mining and alumina refining in the Republic of Guinea.

The licence area in Garafiri boasts 350M mta of high industrial quality ore with significant further upside.  SBG has its own port facilities that are capable of exporting 5M mta metric tonnes of bauxite per annum.

Mining production commenced Q4 2020 and SBG is in the process of developing an alumina refinery that will process bauxite to alumina in-country.

Producing since: 2020
Location: Kindia Region, Republic of Guinea
Capacity: 8 Mta






As of 2020, Taressa Mining Logistic (TML)  holds a licence for bauxite mining in the Republic of Guinea with a licence area that incorporates 450M mta metric tonnes of high quality bauxite. TML is currently in the process of developing mining infrastructure and is on target to commence production in Q4 2021. Annual export capacity for TML is foreseen as 10M mta metric tonnes per annum.

Production will start in: 2021
Location: Boké Region, Republic of Guinea
Capacity: 10 Mta